Aztlan Connection

The legend of the Aztecs says that they began their journey from a red canyon, with four rivers. The exact origins of their homeland are unknown, but it is said that they came from the north from a place called Aztlan. Dr. Cecilio Orozco made it his mission to try and confirm the location of Aztlan. After coming across a certain glyph that contained a mathematical code identical to what he had seen in Aztec glyphs, he determined that the original people who had come to Aztlan may have migrated there from the four corners region where Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona meet. From the American southwest, to Nayarit, to Ojuelos, it is evident that there is a connection between the ancient symbols used. As shown in the ‘Symbols of Ancient Knowledge’ post, some of the symbols found on the artifacts of Ojuelos match exactly to the mysterious glyphs found in the four corners region. This could help support the theory that the people of Aztlan did actually come from the four corners region. It also shows the very ancient connection between the American southwest and Ojuelos de Jalisco, along with many other ancient cultures from around the world.

Petroglyph carvings found in Nayarit

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